Deaden - It

Skinz Sound Deadening sheets comprise a sandwich of bitumen-free layers which add density to all panels they are used to treat.

Skinz Sound deadening is flexible over a wide temperature range allowing it to mould easily to complex shapes. It is also easy to trim to shape.

Skinz Sound Deadening is available in 3mm and 2mm thick sheets. It is necessarily heavy, as adding density is the only way to stop outside noise coming in and inside noise getting out of a vehicle.

Skinz Expert /Pro Range

3mm Door Kit

£ 29.99 7 sheets 375 x 265 x 3mm

  • The Skinz Expert door kit provides installers with enough sound deadening to treat two doors. Fabricated from a sandwich of flexible materials designed to add density to panels and effectively reduce panel flexing and resonance.

3mm Bulk Pack

£ 99.99 27 sheets 375 x 265 x 3mm

  • The efficient way to purchase Skinz Expert sound deadening for larger areas
  • (2.68sq. M)

Black 2mm

£ 129.99 20 sheets (3.97sq. M)

  • For large expanses of metal in weight-critical applications, 2mm sound deadening sheets provide effective stiffening of panels and eradication of resonance.

Liner 5mm Dual Layer

£ 149.99 12 Sheets: 375mm x 480mm x 5mm - 2.20 sqm.

  • Pro Liner 5MM Dual Layer Sound Deadening. 2mm Skinz Sound Deadening with 3mm Skinz Liner. This dual technology solution offers a lightweight alternative to using separate sound deadening and panel liner. Primarily for use where space is tight, this dual solution offers the best way to prepare a car for audio.