Diffuse It

Skinz Wave Diffuser is designed to prevent back waves. These can distort a speaker cone and cancel out its movement, preventing the speaker from “breathing” correctly.

Wave Diffuser is self-adhesive and is applied to panels directly behind any speaker position and is designed to adhere to Skinz Sound Deadening.

Built with an “egg box” profile, the closed cell foam scatters all sound that arrives on it extremely effectively. This offers more projection of sound into the interior passenger compartment of your vehicle

Skinz Wave Range

Skinz Wave Diffuser

Skinz Wave Diffuser

£ 19.99 2 sheets 280 x 280 mm

  • Skinz Wave diffuser reduces back waves from panels behind speaker mounting positions from disturbing speaker cone movement. An ultra-dense closed-cell foam with a classic egg shell profile both scatters and absorbs sound.